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Groundwater Models

JSAI specializes in services related to groundwater-flow modeling. We start with strong conceptual models and a clear understanding of project goals in order to develop numerical models that successfully represent hydrogeologic conditions and are useful predictive tools, without adding unnecessary complexity. We have developed and provided critical review of models on the local to basin-wide scales for areas in the Southwest and abroad. We develop and calibrate models, re-calibrate or refine existing models, and operate administrative models developed by regulatory agencies. Our models are used in support of water-rights applications, environmental permitting, water-supply development, and mining operations and closure...more

Water Balance and Water Management

JSAI develops spreadsheet-based tools for our clients to help them manage and optimize water supply and track their water diversions and deliveries. These tools help water managers make decisions in the short term that ensure long-term sustainability of supply and compliance with permits.

Recharge and Recovery

JSAI performs feasibility studies for recharge and recovery projects, and ranks potential sites for these projects based on evaluation of aquifer characteristics, long-term regional drawdown, and percentage of water that can be recovered. JSAI designs wells for pilot/demonstration and full-scale recharge and recovery projects, in addition to injection wells.

Water Development Plans

JSAI has assisted numerous communities and other entities providing public water supply in preparing and updating water development plans. These water-planning projects involve characterization of water resources and water development alternatives, estimation of future demand, and documentation of historical water use and water rights. We work closely with clients and communities to develop water plans that are aligned with their unique water-supply needs and incorporate their conservation goals.

Water Right Acquisition Support

JSAI has extensive experience in the evaluation of water rights and beneficial use, and providing technical assistance with the acquisition and transfer of water rights. We provide strategic recommendations for water rights acquisition, transfer, and management, participate in water rights mediation, prepare exhibits for water rights hearings, and provide expert testimony.

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