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Pit Dewatering Models

JSAI has developed numerous groundwater models to evaluate pit dewatering requirements for active and proposed mines in the Southwest and abroad. These models have been used to determine dewatering rates and operations, well locations and spacing, and well design requirements.

Water Balance and Management

JSAI develops integrated surface-water-groundwater models for active mines and in support of mine closure activities. These models are used routinely (and periodically updated) as decision making and management tools for mine operations, evaluating water balance and flows in diversion and underdrain structures related to tailings impoundment and waste rock facilities, and maintaining compliance with permits. We also develop water balances for closed mine facilities.

Geochemical Assessment of Mine Tailing and Waste Rock Drainage

JSAI assesses the geochemistry of mine tailing and waste rock drainage including the effects of direct precipitation, stormwater, infiltration, water-rock interactions, and evaporation on the chemistry of surface and groundwater. We perform these assessments using a variety of tools including groundwater flow and solute transport models, geochemical models, and spreadsheet-based mass balance calculations, and results of baseline and ongoing field data collection.

Groundwater Capture Systems

JSAI designs and routinely evaluates groundwater capture systems for active mine sites and in support of mine closure activities. Design and evaluation are based on a sound understanding of site-specific hydrogeology and solute transport, and analysis of pumping data, water level data, and sampling results.

Environmental Effects Evaluation

JSAI has evaluated environmental effects for numerous proposed, active, and closed mine facilities in the Southwest and abroad. We have evaluated local and downstream effects under different climate conditions, and in a variety of hydrogeologic settings including glaciated terrain and unusual volcanic systems.

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