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Geochemical and Contaminant-Transport Modeling

JSAI develops geochemical and contaminant-transport models for contaminated sites such as Superfund sites and mine facilities, and for sites with naturally-occurring elevated concentrations of certain water quality constituents. These models have been used to design remediation systems, predict water quality under various scenarios, and maintain environmental compliance.

Characterization of Groundwater Contamination

JSAI characterizes groundwater contamination based on sample results from groundwater monitoring wells and boreholes, water-level data, and the hydrogeologic conceptual model for the site. We have characterized groundwater contamination at different types of contaminated sites including Superfund sites, mine facilities, petroleum storage tank sites, and landfills.

Drinking Water Quality Evaluation

JSAI helps clients including private well owners and entities providing public water supply to evaluate the quality of their water supply with respect to drinking water standards. JSAI works with clients to develop sampling protocol to ensure that samples are representative of the water supply, assists with sample collection and measurements of field water quality, and evaluates laboratory results.

Source Water Analysis

JSAI is routinely involved with source water analysis including evaluation of groundwater under direct influence of surface water through water-quality sampling and analysis. JSAI assists clients with identification of source water, and navigation of associated regulatory compliance for drinking water and source water protection.

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