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Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

JSAI performs groundwater monitoring and evaluates monitoring data for contaminated sites. Our field services staff maintain OSHA HAZWOPER training, and MSHA Part 48 training. We prepare site-specific health and safety plans for work performed at contaminated sites.

Technical Assistance with Discharge Permit Applications and Compliance

JSAI assists clients with applications for new discharge permits, and permit renewal. We assist with the application paperwork and particularly with content related to hydrogeologic conditions and water quality, prepare maps and diagrams in support of the application, interface with the Environment Department, help select locations for new monitoring wells and evaluate existing monitoring data.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Investigation and Remediation

JSAI performs hydrogeologic investigations, monitoring, and remediation at numerous sites where leaking underground storage tank(s) have been documented. JSAI performs hydrogeologic investigations in order to characterize contamination at these sites, and designs remediation projects that aim to clean up soils and groundwater to applicable standards in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Wellhead Protection Compliance Studies and Plans

JSAI provides services related to the evaluation and design of wellhead and source water protection plans for entities providing public water supply, and compliance with wellhead protection guidelines. We evaluate wellhead protection based on delineation of the zone of influence, hydrogeologic characterization, well design, and identification of potential contaminant sources including urban, industrial, and agricultural sources.

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