John Shomaker and Associates, Inc.
John W. Shomaker, PhD Roger Peery Steven T. Finch, Jr.
President CEO Vice President
Senior Principal Hydrogeologist Principal Hydrogeologist Principal Hydrogeologist/Geochemist
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Michael Jones Annie McCoy Erwin Melis, PhD
Principal Hydrologist Senior Hydrogeologist Senior Hydrogeologist
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Andrew Feltman Sherry Fritz Jacob Baggerman
Senior Hydrogeologist Project Hydrogeologist Project Hydrogeologist
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Brionna O'Connor Daniel Apodaca Zach Weathers
Project Hydrogeologist Staff Hydrogeologist II Staff Hydrogeologist II
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Phyllis Watley Corbin Carsrud Sherry Galemore
Senior Technical Editor Staff Hydrogeologist GIS and AutoCAD Analyst
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Kristina Goodnight Debi Garcia
Administrative Assistant Controller

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John Shomaker & Associates, Inc. 505-345-3407, 2611 Broadbent Parkway NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107