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Well Site Selection and Well Design

JSAI performs hydrogeologic evaluations to select well sites that meet the requirements of the client, meet engineering requirements, and aim to optimize water quality and production within the constraints unique to each site. We provide recommendations for well drilling methods and well design based on the site-specific hydrogeologic setting, and prepare specifications for well drilling, construction, development, and testing.

Well Site Hydrogeologic Services

JSAI provides well site hydrogeologic services during drilling, construction, development, and testing, to ensure that wells are completed according to design and specifications. We have been involved with the completion of more than a thousand wells, including hundreds of large-capacity water supply wells completed at depths ranging from 100 ft to more than 7,000 ft, with casing diameters up to 20 inches, in unconfined and confined aquifers.

Pumping Tests and Interpretation, and Well Hydraulic Analysis

JSAI has designed, performed, and interpreted data for hundreds of pumping tests in order to evaluate aquifer properties and well efficiency, including a 73-day pumping test involving 10 pumping wells and over 30 additional observation wells for the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission. We use a variety of methods to evaluate pumping test data including analytical procedures and radial-flow models. We perform well hydraulic analysis in order to provide operational recommendations to optimize long-term well production and water quality.

Well Evaluation and Rehabilitation

JSAI designs and oversees well evaluation and rehabilitation projects that involve well video surveys, zone sampling, and well rehabilitation activities including brushing, swabbing, acidizing, and development, in order to restore well efficiency and productivity and improve water quality.

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